Monday, July 9, 2007


Last Saturday, 2 billion people rallied at Live Earth concerts and gatherings across every continent to raise awareness about the climate crisis; it was a hot turnout indeed. Although I was not one of those who bellowed my belief in social change to the tunes of Kanye West in 90 degree heat at the Giants Stadium, I did, however, take energy-saving mass transit to Queens to attend a MoveOn.Org gathering of random strangers who like to talk about their concern for the environment, drink wine, and gab about what politicians should do about it. It was a GREAT party, and everyone had a solution of sorts.
If it was just the thought that counted, I believe we would have solved the issue of global warming by now— but raising awareness only helps if we all act on it. I bring this up because every single person at the MoveOn.Org gathering enthusiastically promised to send a creative energy-saving suggestion to the TalkingScience blog, but I still haven’t received a single one. Now, perhaps I’m being a bit harsh- I bet they’re all saving energy by keeping their computers turned off. Hmmm…
In any case, there are a lot of fabulous groups and individuals who are doing their part to reduce their carbon footprint. The Live Earth event proves that people across the globe are fully capable of making a concerted effort (excuse the pun). Now, if we could simply make an equal effort in acting on all these plans to solve the climate crisis as we do partying and awareness raising, I’m sure we could make an enormous impact. I hope that the people who attended the Queens MoveOn.Org event will flood my inbox with suggestions tomorrow, and in the meantime, here’s an energy-saving tip from yours truly:
As soon as you finish reading this entry, turn off your computer (don’t just put it to sleep), turn off your cell phone, and turn off your lights. Light a few candles.
It will save energy, money, and maybe even your relationship! :)

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